More Knitting

My knitting skills are very basic. I’m really good at scarves, blankets and handwarmers.

I’ve blogged about the smaller wristwarmers that I’ve made as Christmas presents but after knitting Ma and Sarah scarves for Christmas this year. I decided to use the same wool to make some bigger ones for me because I’m incapable of hanging onto a pair of gloves!2015/01/img_2733.jpg


The pattern, such as it is, is more or less the same as for the scarf. Cast on 30 stitches, Row 1 – knit, Row 2 – knit one, purl one. Continue for about 20 rows. As I cast off, I knitted the other end together, leaving a gap for the thumb.

As you can see I was so pleased with them I decided to wear them indoors! It’s not actually been cold enough to wear them outside yet but the weatherman is promising it will be by the end of the week!


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