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More Knitting

My knitting skills are very basic. I’m really good at scarves, blankets and handwarmers. I’ve blogged about the smaller wristwarmers that I’ve made as Christmas presents but after knitting Ma and Sarah scarves for Christmas this year. I decided to use the … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas – The Quick Scarf

This is not an emergency present, but it is pretty quick, provided you can knit! It took me 3 nights of solid knitting to make it, but that’s amazingly quick when you think about how long knitting projects can take … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas – Wrist warmers

I quite like knitting. What I like about it is it’s simplicity. I know that knitting doesn’t have to to be simple but I’m pretty rubbish at remembering where I am in the pattern and although I knitted a cardigan … Continue reading

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On being a spinster aunt…

I’m not quite an aunt yet but I’m preparing through knitting…. Finished  I know it’s a bit wonky but it’s the first time I’ve knitted anything that wasn’t a scarf!!

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