Words to live by

Over the weekend, I was talking to Michael and Luc about a mantra for the year. I generally try to have a word for the year and Michael goes full on with a mantra that he uses to get him through tough times.20140217-081725.jpg

I’ve been pretty upfront about finding November and December hard to live through. It’s the dark, I don’t do well when it’s dark. My maudlin Irish heritage (thanks Dad!) also doesn’t do well in this season. It sometimes feels like there are ghosts everywhere, family birthdays, anniversaries, even really good time with my friends and family reminds me of how much I miss some people and of some of the dreams that I’ve recognised are beyond my reach.

Having said all of that, this year has probably been the ‘easiest’ and certainly the least angst ridden for the last 10 or so years..

Luc was asking us about this and I referred him to my three rules:

  • You can do anything for a minute.
  • If no one died or got seriously hurt it’s not a disaster or a crisis.
  • If it’s something you can’t tell your mother or your best friend, don’t do it!

Michael has been using this a lot this year. Which I love and is so going on my list for next year.

  • I have everything I need to be the person that God desires me to be.

This really struck a cord with me this year

  • Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be (allegedly from Abraham Lincoln, it’s good advice but I can’t help but think that it doesn’t sound like Lincoln!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Finally, in this dark and cold and rainy season, when it’s time to get out of bed and I really don’t want to I turn to this advice from my own historical crush, the 1st Duke of Wellington He was famed for being able to sleep anywhere and getting up early after some very late nights (he liked a party!) and his “when it’s time to turn over, it’s time to turn out” has been motivating in the morning!


What words or quotes have inspired you this year?




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