Gifts of Christmas Past

Having established that I’m not really prepared for Christmas, I spent some time last night thinking about presents and what to get for who and how much baking I’m going to do.

I’ve made mincemeat so there will be mince pies, and I made a batch of cheese star dough, partly because I’m looking forward to watch Joe tackle them! That’s probably going to be it this year though because I don’t have that much time…

So onto presents, I was looking at the things I’ve made in the past for inspiration and thought I’d link them here. If you have any brilliant ideas, please do let me know…

This ‘aperitif pack‘ still gets rave reviews from the people that got it. There’s not time to made the various gins but you could probably do it with minatures or some variations maybe the mulled gin from The Usual Saucepans or the Jelly Bean Vodka from A Life of Geekery.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There’s not enough time to make Vin d’Orange for Christmas but you could sneak it in for people you’re not seeing until New Years Eve or later…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If homemade booze isn’t your thing, then there’s always, Gingerbread Syrup which you could team with gingerbread and/or a tin of biscuits or mince pies as a little coffee/tea treat packDSCF3912

For non food things, you could knock up a quick scarf or wrist warmers, which took me an evening to do and I’m not the most proficient of knittersIMG_2528Or maybe some handscrub or this sugar scrub, I make both of these for me and everyone who got them really liked them…photo



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