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The definition of an Aunt

This was one of my Christmas presents… One of those things is true, and my sister in law is way cooler than I am!

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It’s 5 days to Christmas. If you’re panicking because you’re not gift ready for Christmas, first don’t panic! Here are a couple of quick ideas.. Or my go to biscuits or cheese stars Or salt dough decorations or fudge…

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Chocolate Cookies in a Jar

One of Oli’s Christmas presents this year was a jar of ingredients for making cookies. I also made up a jar each for the Baxter’s because they both seem to enjoy cooking too and I figured that during the Christmas … Continue reading

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Booze Related Presents

With some time on my hands and the knowledge that walking is going to be severely limited from now until Christmas and because I can’t drink while I’m recovering, alcohol and the painkillers don’t mix. I’ve been thinking about presents … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas: The Aperitif Pack

I made 7 of these as presents. The idea is that they kick off an evening.     This is what’s in the bag: Something to drink A miniature each of cherry brandy,  plum gin, raspberry gin and sugar syrup. … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas: Gingerbread Syrup

It’s very close to Christmas now, 7 days. On the way to work and in the office I can almost feel everyone slowing unwinding. The trains in the morning are crowded but the usual tension of a London commute has snapped, … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas – The Quick Scarf

This is not an emergency present, but it is pretty quick, provided you can knit! It took me 3 nights of solid knitting to make it, but that’s amazingly quick when you think about how long knitting projects can take … Continue reading

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Time for another edition of things that might make good presents! Litographs have some beautiful posters made with the text from the books they depict, I’m especially keen on the Persuasion one below (of course I am). They also do books … Continue reading

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My life is full of things I really don’t need and really can’t afford but would like anyway. As I’ve apparently hit the difficult to buy for stage of my life i.e. I don’t think I’m hard to buy for but … Continue reading

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Currently wearing.

This month I seem to be wearing this necklace most often..   It was a present from Christelle (most of my favourite jewellery comes from my lovely friends!) and what I like about this is that I can wear it the other … Continue reading

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