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Recommendation: Elvis Juice

I quite like Brewdog beers (I also like the Lone Wolf gin they make but like the navy strength over the ordinary one, of course I do!). This one is my favourite, Elvis Juice Advertisements

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Recommendation: Nightdress

In recent years, I have embraced sleepwear, I refused to wear clothes in bed until my 30’s and now I am a firm wearer of pyjamas. I generally find it difficult to get night ‘jamas though. I don’t want teddy … Continue reading

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Kitchen Equipment: Salad Spinner

I’m fascinated by what people feel is essential in their kitchens and how that changes as our lives and cooking styles do. I live quite happily without a microwave, something I couldn’t have imagining when I was in my 20’s, … Continue reading

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Booze Related Presents

With some time on my hands and the knowledge that walking is going to be severely limited from now until Christmas and because I can’t drink while I’m recovering, alcohol and the painkillers don’t mix. I’ve been thinking about presents … Continue reading

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Time for another edition of things that might make good presents! Litographs have some beautiful posters made with the text from the books they depict, I’m especially keen on the Persuasion one below (of course I am). They also do books … Continue reading

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Current favourite lunch

This is what I’m eating for lunch most days. It’s not so much a recipe more a guide.. It consists of sprouted lentils, roasted tomatoes, pepper, feta, basil and mint. It’s easy packs a big flavour punch with the tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Four things

1) Apparently, I am a person who eats and enjoys porridge. Proof that if you keep trying food you don’t like you may come around to it eventually! 2) How to tie my shoelaces. I’ve been doing it wrong all … Continue reading

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