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Allotment Adventures: Calm Before the Storm

We are so close. Last Wednesday, Ma did a good three hours of weeding and then did another three hours on Saturday. The area that has no beds on it, is now weed free, it’s pretty impressive.On Wednesday, I trimmed … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Tidying Up

We had glorious weather over the weekend and although we had planned not to do anything, the weather was too nice not to be outdoors so we went up on Sunday.As it turns out, I can’t be trusted near the … Continue reading

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Monday Misc: False Spring

The weather last week was marvellous, about 8 to 10C above average temperatures. It’s been really hard to be in the office when the weather has been so amazing. The downside to my job is that I lost 5 holiday … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Destroyer of Raspberries

It’s nearly the end of February and I still haven’t sown one seed! We did have an incredibly productive Saturday of work though. First we bought 500 litres of compost and wheel barrowed them to the plot. We filled up … Continue reading

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Detatched from the world…

I have now been unemployed since September.  I’m still me, I still listen to Radio 4, I still take photos, I still love to read, I still want to see my friends and family. Some things have changed, I have … Continue reading

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Outstanding beauty…

Reading Christina‘s lastest blog post has got me thinking about how we (and I view beauty).  This is her quote: “It’s not like we don’t have beauty in the UK. Whenever, if ever, I escape the city, I’m invariably surprised … Continue reading

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What? Why? Grrr….

It’s been a pretty good week.  I went to the theatre, I went out for drinks, I got loads of work done. But… She’s doing it again.  Having a go at me about stuff that isn’t my fault. At various … Continue reading

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So I decided that for Grace cafe, I would make cake, lots of cake.  I love to bake but don’t often because I really shouldn’t eat cake. So I baked for Grace and they ate the cake.  I made, apple … Continue reading

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Mama told me there’d be days like this…

What a week. It’s been full of petty frustrations.  The thing about being able to do difficult things, is that people keep asking you to do them.  And no-one ever asks to to do the hard stuff when you are feeling … Continue reading

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So on Sunday night and Monday morning, there was proper snow in London.  Everything stopped working.  I did get into work.  Getting home was more interesting and on Tuesday, I gave up the fight and worked from home. I also … Continue reading

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