Recommended: ProWorks Water Bottle

I’ve been going into the office at least twice a week since July. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system but I did take the opportunity to get some new commuting equipment. The first thing being a new water bottle. I’ve had a variety of water bottles in the last 10 years, all plastic and they’ve worked ok. One was 750ml and lived at my office because it the lid leaked and one was 500ml and didn’t leak but was a bit small (I do drink a lot of water in a day!). Aside from those flaws, the cold water didn’t stay cold and the bottles sweated so everything in my bag ended up a bit damp.

Water Bottle in the wild (my office)

So it was time to upgrade to one that wouldn’t need replacing for a long time and had none of these flaws. I went with a ProWorks 750ml bottle. It’s a basic double walled bottle, keeps things cold for up to 24 hours (I haven’t tried it for hot drinks) and so far has survived being bounced around my bag or the allotment without any major scratchest

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