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As part of my climate conscious, use less plastic drive, I needed to address the problem of washing up sponges.

Loofah side

Once I’d used up the ones I had already bought, I tried some silicone ones but they were worse than useless and it was an effort to use them to destruction but I did it and then went to these.

They are quite stiff to start with, but are much nicer to use than the silicone things, the scrubby side works ok and can be used on non-stick, I just use a metal scourer  for things that need more scrubbing, which I was doing anyway. The best bit is that when I’m finished with them, I can cut them up and put them in the bokashi. 

Sponge side

The only thing that’s bad about them is the cost, 12 sponges cost £25 (I got 5% off and delivery was free, so £22.50).  Plastic sponges in Wilko are £1 for 20. I know that money is an issue for most people and I’m extremely privileged to be able to buy the expensive washing up sponges/scourers but I’ve been saying it most of the year but things that are bad for the planet need to be taxed more heavily and the planet friendly alternatives need tax breaks so buying them is easier. If we are serious about climate change, we have to be serious about it and governments need to start putting their money where their mouths are. In the meantime, if you can afford it, these will at least stop some plastic consumption.

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