Moth cocktails

This morning, my email has been flooded with Valentine’s Day offers. I’ve been single for over a decade now so Valentine’s isn’t something I have many feelings about at all!

However, today is the day we take delivery of our Moth cocktails order. So if you are feeling sorry for yourself, this might cheer you up.


I find these delightful because they are ready made and portion controlled. Yes, you could make them at home, they’re not hard cocktails to get right, but this takes away all the faff. They’re great to travel with or when you’re living at you Mum’s for four weeks!

Aperitivo Spritz

We have tried and loved the Aperitivo Spritz and the Negroni. I wasn’t keen on the Old Fashioned but I’m not generally keen on them usually, so that was down to user error! They do other drinks that I haven’t tried but you can buy them in Waitrose for £3.99 or four for the price of three or order directly from them online at Moth Drinks.

I keep seeing that little luxuries are the way to keep going in a recession and these are out of mine!

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