Recommended: Little Silver Cloud

I have three pairs of earrings from Little Silver Clouds Co and they are all lovely and easy to wear.

I should declare at this point, that I found them via a Facebook friend. Rebecca who makes the jewellery, is the sister of the sister in law of an ex (which is overly complicated!), but I’ve never met her and and I bought the earrings on Etsy at full price, without mentioning this connection to her.

Everyone says that you should support independent makers or shop local and sometimes that’s difficult, because you don’t know who really is making the things you buy or if the things you buy in the local shop aren’t actually from China.

Rebecca uses seaglass from Seaham in Co.Durham and makes the jewellery herself (and her stuff is pretty without being fussy, which is right in my comfort zone. I’ve bought them for friends and I’ve bought them for me and they are always great, the one issue I had, she sorted out straight away and the things I’ve bought have always arrived beautifully packaged and in good time.

So if you’re in the market for one of a kind jewellery, I’d recommend Rebecca’s.

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