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Recommendation: Teva’s

I have a problem and that problem is my feet. It’s not just that they’re ugly, it’s that they aren’t very good at being feet and have lots of issues, they are almost completely flat, large (UK size 8) and … Continue reading

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Recommendation: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

One of the strange side effects of having an allotment is that it really improved my nails. In the first two summers of having the plot , my nails stop flaking and peeling, I think it’s something to do with … Continue reading

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Recommendation: Marks and Spencer Tanning Drops

I am a pale person, I’m also a pale person with a horror of burning in the sun and although this summer I’m probably the most tanned I’ve ever been thanks to hours on the allotment, I’m not that tanned. … Continue reading

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Recommendation: Elvis Juice

I quite like Brewdog beers (I also like the Lone Wolf gin they make but like the navy strength over the ordinary one, of course I do!). This one is my favourite, Elvis Juice

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Time for another edition of things that might make good presents! Litographs have some beautiful posters made with the text from the books they depict, I’m especially keen on the Persuasion one below (of course I am). They also do books … Continue reading

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The Weekend

This weekend started early because I had Friday off. To go to the Sanctuary with Christelle. This was a present from Christelle for doing a reading at her and Mike’s wedding and being the witness and storing the wedding dress … Continue reading

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Weekly Shop

Cassie at Back to Her Roots, has a What I Ate post every Wednesday and I find it quite interesting because she always eats quite interesting stuff. Whereas Monday to Friday my diet is fairly monotonous with breakfast and lunch … Continue reading

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