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Too much fun..

I’m on the way to meet my mother and I have to confess I’m feeling slightly jaded. OXO in Thursday followed by birthday and leaving the country drinks (my friends, not me!) have left me feeling a bit sluggish. Last … Continue reading

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Some people don’t like London, they want to live in the country where there is no traffic or noise, or other towns or cities where they think that people are more friendly.   I am not one of those people. … Continue reading

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My mother decided that it had been while since we’ve been to the OXO Tower Bar. So there is at least one of these in my future.   Also Ma picked up my camera from my brother’s yesterday, so I … Continue reading

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It’s no secret, I don’t like housework. I like the bit just after I’ve finished when the flat is tidy. The trouble is that it needs doing again almost immediately, dust settles, clothes get dirty, plates get used and so … Continue reading

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Lemon Curd

Sometimes you want something and it seems that everyone in the world wants the same thing. The last couple of weeks that something has been lemon curd. At Jo’s last week, there was lemon curd and since it seems to … Continue reading

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LCS, Saf and Gin Mare

Last night was the London Cocktail Society. The guys from Gin Mare hosted at SAF. SAF is a vegan/raw food restaurant and the food they provided was amazing, especially the mushroom sliders with tomato and fig jam. Really good. However, … Continue reading

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A weekend without a camera

Last Friday I got home and realised that I’d left my favourite little camera at my brother’s. This is sad because I did things that were quite photogenic! I know that the best camera is the one you have with … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

I have been playing this over and over this week… The 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th symphony. Just beautiful..

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Aunt duty

Yesterday with the nephew did not get off to a good start! It was raining, Oli was grumpy and very clear that I wasn’t a good substitute for his Mum and Dad. However, after a banana he calmed down for … Continue reading

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Lessons from my little brother…

As you can imagine, being sick, my job ending etc, etc. has left me in a bit of a slump. I have done things. I saw the last Harry Potter movie, I’ve made jam, I’ve applied for JSA and contacted … Continue reading

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