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Allotment Adventures: A Shed

My weekend started with the outside of my house looking like this!While Christelle and I carried bits of the shed to the plot, Mike and Adam built the base and shed.We had a bit of trouble with the committee. I … Continue reading

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Things you find when you use your camera for the first time in a year

I took the little camera down to the allotment a couple of weekends ago, I downloaded the photos and found a bunch of photos from Paris last year. And it made me all nostalgic for Miss T and her stroppy … Continue reading

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Life Happened: Paris

Last week was another 4 day work week, I’m not sure that I’ve worked an entire 5 day week this month, June is going to be a shock to the system. Work had one focus, ridiculously complex minutes and getting … Continue reading

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Thankful 2015 – Week 2

I was thinking about a list this week, but what I’m really grateful for this week is connection. I went outside once this week, to have my stitches out, I haven’t seen many people over the last two weeks so … Continue reading

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Last week

So I spent three days last week in bed feeling poorly and was wondering whether it would be worth recapping last week. However, I did do things over the weekend so I thought I’d catch you up and remind myself … Continue reading

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Practical Help

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been thinking about support and whether or not I’m good at supporting my friends. Lots of stuff has kicked off this train of thought. One of Ma’s oldest friends is currently having chemo, … Continue reading

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The Weekend

On Friday I worked from home. This was great because it meant that on Friday night I got a head start on making Oli’s birthday cake with the specified Mickey Mouse theme. Making cakes are fine but I really suck … Continue reading

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