It’s no secret, I don’t like housework. I like the bit just after I’ve finished when the flat is tidy. The trouble is that it needs doing again almost immediately, dust settles, clothes get dirty, plates get used and so it continues. What I don’t like about housework is that it never ends.

However, I like my living space tidy more than I dislike housework. So I try and keep on top of it. At the moment, I’m not working and there is no excuse for the flat being a mess, there is time to do the housework!

It’s fair to say I’ve gotten a little obsessive about the housework and this can be seen in the spreadsheet I’ve made to plot out what housework needs to be done when. I know, but it helps and gives me a sense of achievement to put the ‘done’ tasks in green and I’ll take what I can get at the minute!


So anyone else have a spreadsheet, surely I can’t be the only one? So far everyone I’ve told has laughed, I find it helps and now I’m off to clean my make up brushes (which was on the spreadsheet for yesterday!)

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