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Monday Miscellany: Finally it’s February

Happy Monday! I’m so glad January is over! Ok, February is still not spring but it’s getting closer and the trees in my street are in blossom! The last week of January was as to be expected, I spent Tuesday … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: January sickness…

Happy Monday!January is not a good month for the Dempsey’s. For the last couple of years, Ma and I always get sick in January. I thought that I’d escaped this year but on Wednesday night had another episode of fever … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

It’s a bank holiday! So today I’m not starting the week of work but running off to the allotment. Last week was another not good week for my clothing, or more accurately my shoes, the zip of my favourite black … Continue reading

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The weekend

Last week seemed like a hard week, I was so glad that the week was done with and ready to have a relaxing weekend. Dev came round on Friday with wine. Selected because it was on special offer and he … Continue reading

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The weekend

I’m so happy to see this weekend. This weekend, I are be mostly*… …having my haircut (my name is Nic and it’s been 13 weeks since my last haircut) can’t wait for it all to be shiny and lovely again. … Continue reading

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A weekend without a camera

Last Friday I got home and realised that I’d left my favourite little camera at my brother’s. This is sad because I did things that were quite photogenic! I know that the best camera is the one you have with … Continue reading

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Plans for the weekend

This weekend I’m going to Watford to babysit this little man.. His parents are off to spend a day on a boat, so Ma and I are going to have fun with Olly. Which probably means chasing him around a … Continue reading

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What I did this weekend…

Bought these. Drank this. Made this. And this. Had lunch with them. Met her. I also got a haircut, spent time with my mum, started a new book. Pretty good weekend..

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