LCS, Saf and Gin Mare

Last night was the London Cocktail Society. The guys from Gin Mare hosted at SAF. SAF is a vegan/raw food restaurant and the food they provided was amazing, especially the mushroom sliders with tomato and fig jam. Really good.

However, the focus was the gin! Gin mare is a med gin and us made in Spain. Other than juniper, the main botanicals are olives, thyme, basil and rosemary. They distil each botanical separately and then blend to make the final gin. All this makes for a very different favour. Herby and I found it to be quite perfumed.

Because of this, they recommend serving a G&T in a wine glass and never with lemon or lime! Instead with a sprig of rosemary, or basil, or thyme. Of the three we tasted, I preferred the ones with basil or thyme.

Then onto cocktails, especially invented by the guys at SAF for Gin Mare! I had an orangerie. Gin Mare, Aperol, lime juice, orange bitters and a basil syrup. Yum!

The gin monkey enjoyed it as well!

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