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Recommended: The Cheese Tasting Company YouTube

Yesterday, Jo told me that her friend Ned, the author of A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles has a YouTube channel. I met Ned a couple of times and he’s that perfect combination of knowledge and enthusiasm for his … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Happy Friday!  This week hasn’t been fantastic but it it’s my brother’s birthday. So Happy Birthday Ben! Hadley Freeman takes on Sally Phillips’ documentary about testing for Downs Syndrome and sums up what I’ve found uncomfortable about Phillips’ arguments. I … Continue reading

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Pepper Pesto

Dedicated introvert that I am, I enjoy living alone. There are advantages to living with other people, having someone else around to take the rubbish out or do the washing up but I’m pretty content with not having to share … Continue reading

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Penne Rosa

One Saturday I made dinner and it was amazing, one of those dinners that is so much more than the sum of it’s parts.   It was from Back to Her Roots although of course I made some changes. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Saturday – Eating this week

One of the disadvantages of living alone and on a budget is that my eating isn’t exactly exciting. I like how I eat but it’s very rarely spontaneous, I have a menu plan, I stick to the menu plan, which … Continue reading

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or how I solved the problem of breakfast! I have a huge problem with breakfast. I know I should eat breakfast, I know that if I get breakfast right, I’m more likely to get the rest of the day’s eating … Continue reading

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Nice places in Ealing

A shop full of cheese. Less than 10 minutes from my house. Heaven. Cheddar Deli in Northfields Avenue. They’ve just opened so are still settling in but Max and I went in yesterday and it’s good and full of cheese.. … Continue reading

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