Friday Links

Happy Friday!  This week hasn’t been fantastic but it it’s my brother’s birthday. So Happy Birthday Ben!

Hadley Freeman takes on Sally Phillips’ documentary about testing for Downs Syndrome and sums up what I’ve found uncomfortable about Phillips’ arguments.

I didn’t see this last week so I’m putting it up here today. I reckon that Lemn Sissay is a really good human being.

I’m not at all sure about SNL, it’s just not that funny! But I really enjoyed this probably because last weekend’s news in the US was a slam dunk for ridiculousness and Lin-Manuel Miranda…

Shami Chakrabarti has undermined the education system she argues for. This is one of my biggest problems with middle class Labour supporters, if you believe that everyone deserves the same chance you can’t opt out of the system just for your kid…

But resisting sending your child to a selective school – whether that’s through the 11-plus or private fees – does really improve the education of other people’s less-advantaged children.Research shows that articulate, confident, able classmates are the greatest source of help for other pupils. Similarly, middle-class parents who can use their time, influence and experience do wonders for their local school. Put bluntly, when people like Chakrabarti siphon their kids into grammars and private schools, they weaken the comprehensive system. Yes, the exact system they advocate.

Michelle Obama says what I hope over 50% of the American electorate are thinking. (Yeah I know voting in the US doesn’t work like that but you know what I mean!)

The New York Times response to Trump’s threats to sue for libel is brilliant and shows more understanding of the US Constitution than Trump has.

America has a cheese problem. The most shocking thing for me is that the French eat 57 pounds of cheese a year. I love the French…

Which witch are you? Glinda the Good Witch of the North over here!


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