Pepper Pesto

Dedicated introvert that I am, I enjoy living alone. There are advantages to living with other people, having someone else around to take the rubbish out or do the washing up but I’m pretty content with not having to share my space.

One of the real advantages is around food. When I cook my food preferences reign supreme. It also means that when experiments aren’t a total success, it’s not too much of a problem, I either eat it or make toast and there is no moaning from other people!

This is one of those times. I had an excess of yellow peppers.DSCF4928So I roasted themDSCF4929Once I’d peeled the skins off (put peppers in a bowl, cover bowl with clingfilm, leave for half an hour and then peel), I had about 150g of peppers, which I put a blender with 60g parmesan, 80g toasted mixed seeds, a peeled clove of garlic, the juice of a lemon, as it whizzed around, I added some olive oil until it looked like a sauce. DSCF4935 It made a very delicious but unfortunately coloured pesto (ish) sauce.DSCF4936I would probably do it with red peppers next time or if I was planning for anyone else to eat it but with pasta, onions and mushrooms it was really tasty. It was also great on a pizza where it’s unfortunate colour was less of a concern!DSCF4930


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