Saturday – Eating this week

One of the disadvantages of living alone and on a budget is that my eating isn’t exactly exciting. I like how I eat but it’s very rarely spontaneous, I have a menu plan, I stick to the menu plan, which is great for my health and budget but sometimes it’s not very exciting.


I don’t think that food needs to be spontaneous though, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ll be aware of how much I love a routine and how that helps me eat well. It’s more than that though, there is something very re-assuring about knowing what you are going to eat on a given day. I grew up like that, I remember the Tuesday night dinners when Grandad came over, the ham and coleslaw sandwiches on Sunday night, it was always ham that Grandad brought and Ma boiled on Saturday. On Saturday nights, there was fish and chips, and I will go to my grave swearing that my mum made the best chips and there’s no way that your mum’s could be as good! Sunday lunch that was generally served in the late afternoon and was never a roast because Ma couldn’t be doing with the faff.


When you are on a budget and you need to plan what you eat, you can find yourself falling into those rituals. For me, that means, that Friday breakfast can be a pain au raisin, but only if I’ve done 5 days at work (bribing yourself is a perfectly valid way of making sure you act like a grown up!), Friday Night Pizza is another. At some point over the weekend, I try to have a treat breakfast, pancakes or sausage, bacon and eggs. Making soup on the weekend. Making bread. These rituals are good for my soul and I love them. They don’t make for great food posts and I’m clear that all the food I write about here should be a part of my menu plan, it’s about the food I’ve eaten or how I cook regularly and that’s why some weeks, you see lots of food posts and sometimes no food posts at all, those are the weeks, I didn’t take photos or my eating was all based on my old and already featured favourites!


Cassie has an occasional series called ‘This Week’s Eats‘ and I love the idea of documenting the high points of a week’s worth of eating. So in the best tradition of bloging, I’m going to steal it!


1) Beer with the team on Friday afternoon

2) Sourdough

3) Morning Coffee

4) Cod in tomato sauce, cooked by Ma who seems to be cooking a lot more now she doesn’t have to go to work.



5) Wednesday night was cheese for dinner

6) Breakfast this week was boiled eggs and carrots (I eat a lot of eggs, not sure that I could ever be a vegan

7) Gin and Tonic on Thursday night,

7) Thursday night’s dinner was the first dinner I’d cooked all week, pork with mushrooms in a mustard and wine sauce, with sautéed leeks.

What was the most memorable thing you ate this week?

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