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The Cough of Doom

My immune system must be in actual bits because I’ve caught something (again) and all I’ve done over the last couple of days is cough and cough and cough and cough….It’s not been a fun and happy time, I carry … Continue reading

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Life Happened

Monday started with an unseasonally warm day and air con in my office wasn’t working. Over the weekend, the air con was removed from the office. A glass building on a really sunny day. It's as hot as the Tube … Continue reading

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Last week

Like last week I’m going to talk about the various things I did in the week just gone. There were blue nails.. Turkey burgers Some sunshine Thursday night wine (it was that kind of a week, wine was necessary!) A … Continue reading

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I was really upset this morning to wake up and discover that it was only Wednesday. I’ve been a day ahead of myself all week. I’m feeling a bit discombobulated at the moment, I’m blaming lingering jet lag and post … Continue reading

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Monday morning

So here we are again at Monday, I hope everyone is feeling ready for the week ahead. I think I am, I feel like I’m back into a routine and the house is as ready as it’s ever going to … Continue reading

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Saturday – Eating this week

One of the disadvantages of living alone and on a budget is that my eating isn’t exactly exciting. I like how I eat but it’s very rarely spontaneous, I have a menu plan, I stick to the menu plan, which … Continue reading

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  One of the cameras is not happy, this is a photo I took on Sunday at Richmond, I do quite like the effect but it should have looked more like this…   I like both photos and it reminded … Continue reading

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What I’m thinking..

A Union Jack is what you call a Union flag flown on a ship. Your cushion/tabletop/ handbag is not a ‘union jack’ cushion/tabletop/handbag because it’s not being flown from a ship. It’s a union flag.  Get it right people.  I … Continue reading

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Patience is bitter…

It’s really hard sometimes to stay in the here and now, all the good stuff seems to be about to happen. Next weekend is Easter and the four day Bank Holiday weekend, I’m having a haircut, celebrating Laura’s birthday with … Continue reading

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The Weekend

This weekend started on Friday afternoon, when work finished and team building began. We all went to lunch and then to Bounce for ping pong. I was really surprised that I was better at it than I thought I would … Continue reading

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