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Allotment Adventures: Still haven’t sorted out the compost bins

I’m beginning to think that the compost bins are cursed. First, the screws were lost, then it rained and rained, this week the screw bit for drill vanished. Instead of building the compost bins, we weeded the rose garden and … Continue reading

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November Happy – Weeks 2, 3 and 4

I’ve missed the last few weeks, I saw someone describe themselves as ‘feeling like a phone who’s battery is never above 10%’ and it was the best description of how I’ve felt this month, but I’m rallying… 3rd – A … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Dig Deep

Happy Monday! It’s no secret that I struggle in winter but especially in November, so while my mental health is pretty ok right now (you know with it being November and 2020!) I have been lacking in mojo. My get … Continue reading

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Recommended: Dorset Meats

This year, I’ve been working towards eating less but better quality meat. Last month I ordered the introductory box from Dorset Meats. It came in an insulated box and was in really good condition and the meat is really good, … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Captain Hindsight

Happy Friday! All this week, I’ve been confused as to what the day is. On Wednesday I was convinced it was Tuesday and I’m not sure that it is actually Friday today! Here are this week’s links… Pandemic could lead … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Done

Happy Friday! People, I’ve had a week. I know that it’s darker nights and the boredom of being at home all the time (which I kind of like but not when I have to work!). But I have reached the … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Finally something good…

Happy Monday! I feel like last week was both really quick AND 100 years long. It needed pancakes! Obviously a non narcissist President Elect, is not going to solve all the world’s ills and the UK still has Johnson and … Continue reading

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Recommended: The Cheese Tasting Company YouTube

Yesterday, Jo told me that her friend Ned, the author of A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles has a YouTube channel. I met Ned a couple of times and he’s that perfect combination of knowledge and enthusiasm for his … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Lockdown 2.0

Happy. Friday! It’s been quite the week, I feel we could have improved relations with the US if we’d sent our election officials and counters from Newcastle and Sunderland South (for those that don’t know, they are the two constituencies … Continue reading

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Hot Stew

This is actually called Squash and Sweet Potato Chipotle Stew with Cheese Dumplings but that is very long and it was very hot. Chilli hot not temperature hot, my wimpy English tastebuds, found it delicious but so very hot (and … Continue reading

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