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2009 in lieu of words…

Rust Colour Sunset New flat – Kitchen… Embers Left behind Mini tree People Jillian Kathy and Adam Christelle Dionne Ben and Ma Sarah Family lunch

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Christmas Tree

In a vague attempt at Christmas cheer, I put the tree up Tree (taken by eldest godchild) Sliver and spike Mini tree Star

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Christmas, Sofas and the War on Mould

Not really feeling very Christmassy. I’ve bought the presents (on a strict unemployment budget!) and even wrapped them, written the cards, posted the cards, will at some point this week buy and decorate the tree, but I’m just not feeling … Continue reading

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On being a spinster aunt…

I’m not quite an aunt yet but I’m preparing through knitting…. Finished  I know it’s a bit wonky but it’s the first time I’ve knitted anything that wasn’t a scarf!!

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Democracy and the right to speak

This has been really bugging me. These things are facts. 1) Nick Griffin is the leader of the BNP. 2) In the last elections to the European Parliment, the BNP won 2 seats. 3) The BBC has rules that state … Continue reading

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Things that occur to me when listening to the News

What is going on with the satellite link that the BBC use, the reporter in Afganistan sounded like she had a speech defect? General McCrystal  What kind of name is that?  Next up General Sparklehorse… Bobby Robson is dead Why … Continue reading

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Modern manners

From Mighty Girl ’nuff said..

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Party Cake

For Tina and Charles’ party this weekend, I was put on cake duty. Tina had a very clear idea of what she wanted, that was piles of cake.  So chocolate brownies, ginger cake and a raspberry cake with very pink … Continue reading

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Moving in/sorting out

Saturday was the day and I’m in the flat.  It’s good and I’m gradually getting it all in order and trying not to be too frustrated that I can’t get it all done right this minute.  I do want to … Continue reading

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Starting in the kitchen….

my new kitchen… New flat – Kitchen…

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