Democracy and the right to speak

This has been really bugging me.

These things are facts.

1) Nick Griffin is the leader of the BNP.
2) In the last elections to the European Parliment, the BNP won 2 seats.
3) The BBC has rules that state when a political party has a percentage of votes in the country, they and their policies need to be aired on television and radio.
4) The BNP have that percentage, they had that percentage before the BBC invited them on Question Time.
5) The BNP have policies that are racist, sexist and homophobic

These things are my opinion

1) The BNP have no policies on the environment, the economy anything else that contributes to the running of the country or the mess that we are in.
2) Nick Griffin is a nasty, stupid man
3) If we actually asked him what he is going to do about running the country he wouldn’t have an answer.
4) Although the BNP had a right to go on Question Time, the questions should have been about more than Nick Griffin being an idiot and the BNP being racist. Could someone have asked him what he’s going to do about the economy, or the NHS (other than maybe ban non-white people from working in it – ’cause that would fix it) or even where he intended to re-patriate black and asian people born in the UK? Then we would see that the BNP have no policies….
5) The Daily Mail and Daily Express do a lot of ‘reporting’ about immigration that really isn’t true so this morning’s outrage is a bit rich, where do they think that people get the impression that the country is over-run with foreigners stealing our jobs and taking our women?
6) That applies to the Conservative Party as well, stop talking about immigration and Europe for God’s sake, that isn’t the problem.
7) Maybe just maybe, if we were less outraged that the BNP had a platform, we could think about why people voted BNP, rather than getting angry and calling them idiots. Surely that just entrenches opinions.
8) The rise of the BNP is about the failure of mainstream political parties to connect with,  dare I say it?, the working class (of all races) and develop policies that are about changing outcomes, rather than pandering to the middle classes and their need for choice and condemnation.
9) Banning people from expressing their opinions, however vile, doesn’t stop them having those opinions, nor does calling them idiots.  Only when you engage and debate do you have a hope in hell of changing them.
10) There has been lots of talk about facists, nazis and Churchill etc.  Churchill and other politicians of that era, expressed opinions about race that weren’t all that different from the BNP.  It was a different time.  That doesn’t mean that today he would support the BNP or people who do great things can’t have vile opinions.  Also, we need to grow up and stop referencing Churchill and ‘who won the War’ as a way to decide who we are as a country.
11) Finally, I don’t expect reasoned debate or sense from the BNP, but I do expect that from mainstream politicians, last night and this morning I haven’t seen that.  This is making a big deal about something that didn’t have to be and failing to address the real issue but as we aren’t talking about the bankers bonuses or MP’s expenses, maybe that suits them…

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3 Responses to Democracy and the right to speak

  1. ken says:

    now you know how conservatives feel,when some ultra-liberal gets up there and talks about gay adoption,sharing the wealth,and stopping the use of oil without finding a replacement fuel.kind of a slap in the face isn't it……….

  2. Nic Dempsey says:

    Sorry Ken , I don't understand your point. I don't agree with BNP but as a ultra liberal, I support their right to free speech and I support the BBC's right to put Nick Griffin on the TV as (whether I agree with his views or not) they are representative of percentage of this country. I happen to think that gay adoption is fine, that we do need to share the weath (starting with taxing bonuses given to bankers in bailed out banks at 100%, they failed, it's not capitalism to reward failure) and we do need to do something our reliance on oil. You may not. These are things that I am happy to discuss, but no ones wins when everyone is shouting and scoring points..

  3. ken says:

    my point was that your bnp is a natural outcome of having all that p.c. crap shoved at them,after all the only reason for was to make everybody's life a little people like this are geting followers because they have been pushed into a corner and want what little peice of the pie they had to stay theirs.
    i don't know about your banks but are's failed in part to a goverment demand that they loosen credit needs,to make it easier for everyone to get a house,and you had people jump in that wanted a house and couldn't really afford it,and lowlifes that saw a way to a quick buck,but still the truth remains that if congress hadn't demanded the changes alot of this would not have happened,so really you have the goverment spanking the banks for doing what they were told,does anybody need to make 5 million a but the goverment forcing them to stop is almist adoption is gay indoctranation..pure and simple..there is no other way to look at it.yes we do need to find a better power sorce,but stopping things like clean coal will only get us back to the stone age not in some better society… the bnp wrong at its roots yes,but having all these new people moving into england during a recession is asking for trouble,and allowing them to dictate what other british can do is insane.
    if i was shouting my bad,many liberals come marching out with their hair on fire when you tell them their great ideas are wrong.

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