Things that occur to me when listening to the News

What is going on with the satellite link that the BBC use, the reporter in Afganistan sounded like she had a speech defect?

General McCrystal  What kind of name is that?  Next up General Sparklehorse…

Bobby Robson is dead

Why does Alex Ferguson (I will not call him Sir, he’s supposed to be a socialist, what’s he doing taking honours from the Queen..come the revolution..) always sound like he’s foxed?

Foxed?  I’ve been reading too much Georgette Heyer..

This hacker has Asperger’s Syndrome and no I don’t think the US/UK extradition agreement is fair to UK citizens but his mother sounds strange to me.

All I want to know about the cricket is who is winning, why can’t they tell me that, I have no idea what the rest of it means…

I much prefer football….in theory England could beat Australia at football….maybe….

I’m in bed at 10pm, listening to Radio 4, could I be any more middle aged

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