Christmas, Sofas and the War on Mould

Not really feeling very Christmassy. I’ve bought the presents (on a strict unemployment budget!) and even wrapped them, written the cards, posted the cards, will at some point this week buy and decorate the tree, but I’m just not feeling it.  It will come and I will have a good time with Ma on Christmas Day and spend Boxing Day cuddling and doting on The Best Nephew in the World but it all feels like a gigantic fuss and I think I might prefer to be in bed (except for the cuddling the nephew thing!!)

In other news, I will not be sitting on a sofa, well not in my house at any rate, as the bloody thing doesn’t fit through my front door and had to go back to Oxfam – grrr.. but I will be spending a fair amount of time wiping the water off the inside of my windows, where the condensation has lead to mould growing around the window in my bedroom.  I discovered this yesterday when I drew the blind up whilst wearing glasses, this led me to the bathroom where I found that window in a similar state.  Moral of the story….wear your glasses more often…

Even the flat is biting me this month…..

Only one cure…cake, ok maybe two cures cake and gin…

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