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Stuff Happens

Timehop is an interesting thing, just giving you a recap of this date in the life of your social media for every year you’ve been on it. On this day six years ago, the tweet just said ‘Unemployment’. Which is … Continue reading

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What politicians fail to understand…

We are in party conference season at the moment, with each of the major parties trying to convince voters that they have all the answers and that we should vote for them. This week it’s the turn of the Conservative … Continue reading

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This week I’ve hit a slough of despond. I can’t see the point in any of it. I’ve had to sign on and there’s nothing like the job centre for making you feel like a worthless human and it’s not … Continue reading

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Detatched from the world…

I have now been unemployed since September.  I’m still me, I still listen to Radio 4, I still take photos, I still love to read, I still want to see my friends and family. Some things have changed, I have … Continue reading

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Christmas, Sofas and the War on Mould

Not really feeling very Christmassy. I’ve bought the presents (on a strict unemployment budget!) and even wrapped them, written the cards, posted the cards, will at some point this week buy and decorate the tree, but I’m just not feeling … Continue reading

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