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Christmas Radio

I love BBC radio and I really love BBC radio at Christmas. Here are the things I’m looking forward to over Christ Brain of Britain, Brain of Brains – starts 22 December 2014 I love Brain of Britain (and Russell Davies), … Continue reading

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Things I have learnt this week..

1) It’s time to start using the wake up lamp. I naturally wake up when the sun comes up and at the moment that’s not 6am. 2) Zumba and me. Not a match made in heaven. However, having a gym … Continue reading

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Why I don’t own a TV

One of the great things about a new job is adjusting to and getting to know new people. So over the last couple of weeks, especially after Christmas, I’ve had the “no I didn’t watch that, I don’t have a … Continue reading

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Thankful – Day 17

Radio. I have a radio in every room except the bathroom. Generally, BBC Radio 4, sometimes BBC 6 Music or Radio 2 and if I can’t sleep in the earlier hours of the morning BBC World Service. Generally R4 though. … Continue reading

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This weekend I was listening to Four Thought on Radio 4, I know, it’s not exactly a surprise! (the link is to iPlayer and it’s only 15 minutes) Matthew Engel talks about differences between British English and American English, making … Continue reading

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On the radio

I love Radio 4. I start every day with it. I end every day with it. Last Sunday I was so cross with the Profile piece on Christine Lagarde, I wrote an email and complained. They rang me and recorded … Continue reading

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Things that occur to me when listening to the News

What is going on with the satellite link that the BBC use, the reporter in Afganistan sounded like she had a speech defect? General McCrystal  What kind of name is that?  Next up General Sparklehorse… Bobby Robson is dead Why … Continue reading

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