Stuff Happens

Timehop is an interesting thing, just giving you a recap of this date in the life of your social media for every year you’ve been on it. On this day six years ago, the tweet just said ‘Unemployment’. Which is pretty much all that needed to be said. Because around about 6 years ago, I lost my job. I found out the company had gone into administration the day after my birthday and today marks the day I got a end date, 28 August.

It marked the beginning of nine months of some serious uncertainty in my life and even when I finally got a job, it was to cover maternity leave for a year, followed by another seven or so months of temp work and unemployment before I got my current job.  It took a little over two years for me to get full time permanent work again. It took another 2 years before I stopped being worried that I’d lose it again.

Six years later, I can see some good things that came out of that time. I learnt about openess and trust, I learnt that I have really good friends, I didn’t need to learn that Ma was a star but she was. It was also a grim and frightening time. Being unemployed is horrible (worse than having to work!), having no money is hard, relying on benefit is scary and insecure. I wrote about it here, and here, and here, and here.

I’m thankful, so thankful that I’m not in that place now, despite how crazy work makes me but it had an impact on me and while some of it was good for me, I would rather that it never happened again. So today I’m going to be grateful for my life now and try not to be too cross about everything I need to do before I can go home and read…

And that folks is my pollyanna moment for day.


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