Survival mode

After months of suffering in the cold, dark wet, London has summer weather. So now we’re complaining about the hot, sweaty, sunny weather! We’re English, complaining about the weather is what we do…

I did have a conversation last week that centred on how people who live in places that are really hot all the time EVER get anything done. It’s calmed down a bit now, in the high 20’s but it’s been too hot to want to do anything other than lie in front of a fan moaning about the heat and although that is a great idea, it’s not going to pay the rent or put food on the table.

In addition to having a fan next to my bed, this is how I make my life more bearable in heat…..

1) Water bottle.


When it’s hot you should drink more water, everyone knows that right? Often on the train in the morning, the very hot train packed with sweaty hot people, the water bottle is the only thing between me and faint. So it’s always with me and I fill it with ice, then water. That way I have something to drink and something to cool me down a bit. It’s also useful if you notice someone else about to go, I can’t offer them my seat (like I get to sit down!) but I can offer them some water.

2) Sunscreen.


I’m fairly evangelical about sunblock, I am very pale and burn easily and if I don’t burn I just freckle, which I noticed yesterday makes me look a bit ginger all over (the curse of Irish heritage!). I also spend most of the day in an office but I put my sun block on in the morning, the once a day stuff is good for six hours so I have a bottle of sun spray in my office drawer to spritz on before I leave to go home. For going to and from work, I use SPF 30, for holiday or being out in the sun all day, I use SPF 50 and re-apply more often

3) Iced coffee


I’m not prepared to give up coffee, so I just make it and pour it over ice. Caffeine and cooling and really do you need any more.

4) Anti histamines, nasal spray, eye drops, inhaler, contact lenses and sunglasses.


Air quality isn’t great at the moment and I’ve been suffering from it and hayfever. These help me keep everything under control.

5) Coconut oil.


I love this stuff, it’s from the same range as the Baby Bottom Butter and is great for my chaffing thighs (yes, I went there and no, I’m not sorry!) as well as just generally nice on my skin. I know that in summer you don’t need to moisturise as much (except maybe your feet, they need extra help in the summer!) but this stuff after your shower just before you go to bed is lovely and the smell is lovely and helps me go to sleep. I know it’s cooler this week because last week this was liquid!

Anyone got any heat survival tips to share?

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