On being busy

I haven’t been really busy at work for a while. Yes, I have things to do but I’ve been getting it all done and not working late. I’ve felt quite bad about it really because everyone else has been rushed off their feet in that no-one else can help way and although I’ve assisted where I can, I haven’t been working in the same way.

It’s been nice, getting things done on time, having the space to get the small stuff done, sorting out email and tackling all the stuff that isn’t as I’d like it to be. I spent a glorious afternoon last week, re-arranging our departments joint email and deleting old emails. It’s been lovely being able to be responsive to other people and having the time to take some other things. It’s felt like a holiday.


Yesterday, I had a meeting with my boss and I realised what else that ‘time off’ has been good for because all of a sudden I can see what else I want to do. How I want the team I work in to function, how I want to promote the work we do, how we need to strengthen existing relationships, build new ones, change some existing ones so they are more healthy, and expand our reach with the organisation. Behind all of this, we are currently re-working our processes and the structure behind that and bringing a new person into the team.

We have a deadline of the beginning of December to have it bedded in and start promoting it (and it needs to be done by then because I’m off from the 19 Dec to the 3 Jan and no-one is keeping me from that holiday!). We also need to keep all of our current work going during in all this. And all of a sudden, I’m busy and work is taking up more brain space than it’s done in a couple of months.

A part of me is excited about this, I like doing this kind of work I’m good at it and my brain needs it because I recognise that as enjoyable as the last couple of months have been, I’m atrophying just a little. On the other hand, I’m worried because I’m really good at ideas but not so great at transition or stamina and a lot of this work involves me having to demonstrate both skills and take other people with me, who don’t necessarily share the same vision of the team that I have.

So I’m going to be busy at work until Christmas! Gulp…



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