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Last week, our quarterly department meeting happened and was based on understanding our Margerison-McCann profiles.

There were no huge surprises for me, I recognised myself.I’m a ‘Concluder-Producer’ by a huge margin. I’m practical and production-oriented, I like schedules and plans and emphasise outputs. I like to finish things and am time and detail concious. My other two key behaviours are Reporter-Adviser and Controller Inspector. Those behaviours are about supporting others, collecting information, being in control, making sure that procedures are followed and not really needing to work with people but enjoying sociable contact.

I score as a extrovert (but not by too much, I get a 7), I also score high on being practical above creative, I’m driven by belief not analysis and I’m structured over flexible. But none of those go above 15 either way.In terms of decision making , I rely on my own beliefs and convictions, I tend to think there is a right way to do things (my way!) and I’m not backwards about letting people know that. I tend to be all about getting on with it and sometimes don’t give enough time to analysis.

All of this I know, this is how I work and who I am 9 to 5 but this test was measuring who I was at work, and my work persona is slightly different from my home one. At home, I’m an introvert which would explain why I find work so tiring. My lack of interest in analysis is true at work and home and I come by it honestly, Ma is just the same. In my personal life that shows in how I deal with friends when they struggle and how I deal with me when I struggle. Does that mean that I don’t think deeply? Sometimes, because thinking deeply doesn’t help unless I conciously decide to change how I think. I operate on the assumption that I change things that make me unhappy and that things that can’t be changed must be lived with.

I don’t like change and struggle with transition. I cope with transition by being ruthlessly organised and I cope with change by trying to control it.

There is a school of thought that says these things are nonsense but I found it useful, because it makes me focus on the why and the how I go about my daily life. I’m not sure that it’ll change a lot but it does make me more mindful of what’s prompting my behaviour or work patterns.  Which in turn means that I think a little more before I react, which can only be a good thing when dealing with other people.

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