Friday Night Cocktail: Quick and Dirty Gin and Aperol

So it’s not Friday but I thought that Thursday might be a good day to post about a cocktail so if you’re not doing Dry January, you could gather the ingredients for this for Friday!

Taken at my desk

January for me is about clearing out the kitchen, and that means using things up, I had some Aperol and I’m not in the mood for Spritz. So a quick google let me to this. I was not in the mood to be shaking things and egg white, so this is the lazy person’s version. You can be as elaborate as you like

Gin (I used Roku), Aperol, lime juice, honey simple syrup, orange bitters. I used equal amounts and a dash of bitters but play with the amounts until you hit a combo you like, I stuck it in a glass with ice and took a photo halfway through drinking it when I realised how nice it was!

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