Recommended: Soda Folk

My love of root beer comes from 1980’s McDonalds trips, you might think it tastes of the dentist, but I love it. Unfortunately for me, it’s a love not many of my countrymen share and so it’s not a popular drink. Getting it from the US became harder because there is an additive in US soft drinks that is banned in the EU (yes I know the UK isn’t in the EU anymore but as with all of the promised ‘sunlit uplands’ promised by Brexiteers, root beer has not materialised on our shores.

Which is why I’m so happy that we have Soda Folk. I came across Soda Folk Root Beer in Bryon. Basically if I go anywhere that has root beer on the menu, I order it, then I discovered that they deliver! I’ve been in the office a bit more and have been finding myself resorting to a 3pm diet coke and snack. It’s not the world’s best habit and so I decided to buy some Soda Folk cans and bring a snack in from home. It’s the same thing, slightly cheaper and with slightly better ingredients but with an added bonus of root beer! I bought root beer and a couple of other sodas to try. (I like the Cream and Cherry sodas, really not keen on the Grape).

24 cans is £23.99 plus delivery so it’s not cheap but ordering it every other month and making it a treat is probably the way to go!

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