Allotment Adventures: Soggy and Bedraggled

Despite the rainy weather, all the packing and moving and, the excessive socialising I did at the weekend. Ma and I did get a very short trip to the plot last Saturday.

It was wet and looking bedraggled. It’s in dire need of some clear weather that needs to coincide with when I have some free time (at this rate it’ll be sometime in March!).

My poor jasmine

I brought the new table around and installed it at the back, we are definitely going to buy another!

We fed the birds and I need to go and top them up again this week because it’s been really cold for the poor things.

This knautia macedonia is trying…

As the weather was predicted to drop again this week, we harvested all the sweetheart cabbages, some kale, some brussels sprouts, some salad leaves and dug up some parsnips.

That done we ran home before it started raining again!

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