Friday Links: Enough Already

Happy Friday!

I’m tired of everything at the moment! Here are this week’s links

Ministers could help the patients dying in NHS hospital corridors right now – they just choose not to

Rishi Sunak v Keir Starmer: battle of the speeches revealed the critical choice facing Britain

When state services fail, citizens pay extra or sink. This is Sunak’s Britain now

Are you siding with Harry or the palace? Either way, you fall into the royalist trap.

‘I was alone. Abandoned. With only a hundred million in the bank’ – Spare, digested by John Crace

The burning question about fungi: what happens to them in extreme heat?

English farmers turning to cultivating nuts as climate heats

Not just hot flushes: how menopause can destroy mental health. I had my first anxiety dreams a while ago

Take more breaks at work, put your head in the freezer … an expert’s eight simple tips for better sleep

‘I’ve heard it all: she’s a fraud, a liar, a thief’: Jack Monroe on alcohol, addiction and answering her critics. Her stories never quite add up.

The state of Gin in 2023

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