Friday Links: If you think everything is fine, you’re not paying attention

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about everyone else but it feels like 1992 (I’ve been saying that for a while), back then, things felt awful but I’d not really known anything else, Thatcher came to power when I was five, I was 24 before I remember living in a country without Tories in charge. That lot were terrible, the wonder of the uselessness of the current bunch, it that they are making Thatcher, Major etc look competent, intelligent and reasonable. It’s horrific..

High inflation is to blame for these strikes, not trade unions

Don’t tell me that David Carrick’s crimes were ‘unbelievable’. The problem is victims aren’t believed. Marina Hyde nails it again…

The story of Britain’s pools and leisure centres is one of neglect, decay and the lies of levelling up

Those on the left fell for the property dream too. The first letter is what I have basically saying for 20 years because that’s how long it’s been a problem. I’m going to be the last generation of my family born and raised in London because of it..

“Large numbers of us have been suffering from this inequality-fostering system for 20 years or more, but it is only now that it is affecting upper-middle-class circles that it is being talked about”

Has Ofgem grasped the scale of disconnection of people on prepayment energy meters? I can safely say no, I also would like to note that rent and energy bills are the bills I pay firsts. Also that I have a direct debit plan with my energy provider because it’s easier (though slightly more expensive) to make sure that you’re paying instead of a quarterly bill.

How is it right that MPs are still free to receive money from lobbyists and second jobs?

Time Is on Ukraine’s Side, Not Russia’s

Underground resistance: Dads from front-line Ukrainian city build deluxe bomb shelters

Andrew Tate isn’t feminism’s inadvertent bastard child. He’s sexism’s last gasp. I remember the backlash to the idea of all female shortlists, it was apparently ‘outrageous and unfair’ on men and boys. I remember an article about it (sorry I can’t remember who wrote it) that asked us to consider, whether after 2000 years of patriarchy, perhaps it was just women’s turn to benefit from favouritism based on sex. More recently, something I use in my own life is to remember that when privilege is taken away, it feels like discrimination. Tate and his fans basically want to behave badly, without consequences and life shouldn’t, and for the most part doesn’t, work like that. (Unless you’re a member of the Royal Family or Boris Johnson).

Unraveling the Secrets of the Sarcophagi Found Beneath Notre-Dame Cathedral

Why Chickens Need to Stop Breeding With Their Wild Cousins

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