Monday Miscellany: Living with Mother

Happy Monday!

As you may have guessed from the title, I’m now at Ma’s for the next two to three weeks, if it goes into four, I may have to check into a hotel to preserve our relationship and our sanity!

So last week, my stress container overflowed. Hello migraine and a sore back. I did the first session of my Mental Health First Aider course and spent some time catching up with the work that didn’t get done over the past couple of weeks while I was covering for a colleague.

I more or less got through the week, Ma came over on Friday to help with more packing and I went home with her and another suitcase! While at Ma’s, I sorted out my ticket to work for next week. (I’m so glad that old age has taught me to do stuff like this before I need to, so I wasn’t queuing on Monday morning, frustrated at how long it’s taking.)

Then I went home to do more packing, make a batch of marmalade and have a final bath (I will wash but Ma doesn’t have a bath only a shower and I love a bath!). On Sunday, Ma came over to help me with the final bits and pieces and a brief visit to the allotment.

Then we said goodbye to the flat, in the customary Dempsey fashion it was done.

Back to Ma’s flat on the bus and hello to living with Ma. I think it’ll be fine, Ma thinks it’ll be fine, everyone else is nervous. I’m reminded of when Christelle and I decided to share a flat, we were fine everyone else was dubious but it worked and at Ma’s I just do as I’m told, because I’m not in my house, and it’s not like I’m in the house I grew up in, I’m very much in guest mode!

The thing that will be difficult will be working in the office for five days in a row for the first time since 2022, the commute involves one of my favourite walks along the Thames, so that’s a consolation. Plans for the weekend are to respect Ma’s, and my, need for space. On Saturday, I’m off to Mike and Christelle’s for dinner and on Sunday, back to Ealing to feed the birds on the plot and go to Sue and Richard’s for drinks to celebrate Richard’s birthday.

So quite social for me all week, that walk to work from the station each morning and back in the evening much actually be my only alone time!

Have a good week!

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