Monday Miscellany: Unseasonal

Happy Monday!

There has been a whole lot of not very much happening this week. Two days in the office, another sodding migraine (apparently a rash of them at work – a couple of us have been suffering this week), maybe it was the weather which was pretty grey and cold for this time of year. Apparently we’ve had 30% less sunshine in August than is usual for this time of year, as I write this, it’s raining.

For the rest of this week, I finally got to catch up with Jo and Sarah, which was great. I also got to experience parsnip burn in real life, I thought I might be coming down with measles until I realised it was just on my forearms and the spots started to blister, so I currently look like I’ve had mild chicken pox on my forearms. Which is quite the look.

I’m currently working on my annual get everything back under control because winter is coming plan, I know that I can’t be as relaxed about anything in autumn/winter as I am in summer because I’m usually so miserable. The extreme dull and cold-ish weather last week felt autumnal and kicked me into thinking about this earlier than usual.

The way I survive the winter is to be fairly rigid about things like chores and bedtimes, otherwise I would just live in chaos and hate myself while refusing to leave my bed. Last year was pretty easy because I was working from home, being able to spend the week days not getting up at 6am and having to commute was much better for my SAD. However, this winter I’ll have to be in the office a couple of days a week, so I need to crack on and make sure that by the time the clocks go back I have a routine embedded.

Plans for this week are pretty much all about that, setting a routine for chores, exercise and bedtimes around being in the office for two days and I have a bunch of work I want to crack on with for work too. So it’s pretty dull.

Next Monday is the last Bank Holiday until Christmas, I have very excitingly arranged to be on the plot for Saturday and Sunday (I’m middle aged, I like to garden) but other than that, I have no plans and that feels rather marvellous.

Have a good week!

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