Friday Links: August and Everything After

Happy Friday!

It’s been a week and the news is not getting any happier. Here are this week’s links:

Tony Blair damns the Afghan withdrawal but he would do better to show remorse

UK truck driver shortage signals a broken labour market

Ian Botham as trade envoy? Never fear, it’s a job even Prince Andrew could do

Warrington council lends billionaire founder of The Hut Group £151m. What the actual fuck? This is a Labour council. This is ridiculous and wrong. Socialism for billionaires and capitalism for working people.

Not Everyone Can Afford to ‘Learn to Live With’ COVID-19

I’ll Tell You the Secret of Cancer. This is lovely and not soppy at all

The Coronavirus Is Here Forever. This Is How We Live With It.

If prisoners are to help with the UK’s labour shortages, they must not be exploited

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