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Eltham Palace

While I was on leave celebrating my birthday, Ma and I took a day to visit Eltham Palace. Eltham Palace is a really strange mix of historical periods. It was given to Edward II in 1305 and the Great Hall … Continue reading

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Battle Abbey

Much to the amusement of my Irish neighbour, the day before my birthday I went to Battle. Yes, it’s an actual place, in East Sussex, quite near Hastings, and the site of the Battle of Hastings and Battle Abbey In … Continue reading

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Recommendation: English Heritage and National Trust Memberships

Now I’m 46, I am middle aged, I like gardening and old buildings, I have been known to plan holidays around going to see particular old buildings (mostly Middleham which is my favourite castle!). I did all of this as … Continue reading

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The York trip was one of those brilliant ideas Ma and I have sometimes. She was driving to Scotland for a holiday and said that she was thinking of breaking the journey and from there a plan evolved. I’d come … Continue reading

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Warkwork Castle

I know it’s been over a month since I was in Northumberland, but I’ve just started to work through the photos! Warkworth is one of my favourite castles and a 40 ish minute walk from where we stay in Amble. It’s … Continue reading

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Belsay revisited

Holiday was ages ago but here are the pictures from Belsay..      

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Brilliant things to do…

Anyone else in January gloom? I am, some of it caused by a 24 hour-ish migraine on Monday/Tuesday, other causes are a quiet week at work and the normal January SAD stuff. How do you solve a problem like being … Continue reading

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Birthday Week Trip – Down House

The plan had been Lyme but it seemed like a long way to drive so instead we went to Down House. Down House is where Darwin lived and worked. It also has lovely gardens. We wondered around, I took some … Continue reading

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Chiswick House

Last Sunday Ma and I hopped on a bus and went to Chiswick House. We spent quite a portion of the day kicking ourselves for not going sooner..  The walled kitchen garden which is run by volunteers was having an … Continue reading

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Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

On the way back from Hadrian’s Wall, (it was a wall, it was raining, it was further south than I’d always imagined it), we went to Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens. It’s quite a place and I left it feeling … Continue reading

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