Monday Miscellany: A Four Year Old in the Family

Happy Monday!

People it has been a week! I’ve had a low, level annoying virus, sore throat, slightly snotty and very tired. It’s not been enough to be off work, just enough to annoy me! I have a new role at my company, starting 1st October, it’s nice I wasn’t looking for it but I have been telling the people that matter that I’m under-utilised and it’s lovely when management take that on and find you something else to do! Given the onset of longer days combined with a new role and some other stuff, including but not limited to perimenopause and a friendship that seems to have blown up, I will be going back into therapy for a bit because it’s the healthy thing to do.

However, the big new this week (in my news anyway) was that I have a four year old nephew! We went up on Saturday and watched him open his presents, there were lots of “wow’s” going on and then a very polite refusal to have breakfast because there was Batman and Spider-Man Lego to build. Hilariously, he can’t say Riddler consistently, so when he was getting really into his playing, we would hear things like “no griddler, you’re a bad boy”. Yes, I do find it adorable, because overall, he is a whole bag of trouble!

This week, I’m deep into being consistent about bedtime and rest and at work it’s about preparing for change! Ma and I are finally going to see Spider-Man: Far from Home this week and I have a stack of books to read!

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