Friday Links: Late…

Happy Friday!

Week in Review: Clinging to reality under a post-truth government.  This is so interesting about what recent politics are doing to our political infrastructure but this is what really worries me…

The British position seems to have involved saying that the backstop must be removed and that alternative arrangements are possible, without specifying them. That isn’t a negotiation. It is a statement of ideal goals. In fact, it is not even that, because the specifics of the desired outcome are not articulated. It is the diplomatic equivalent of sitting in the corner of the room and sucking your thumb.

The London arms fair is an inexcusable disgrace – it’s a stain on the nation

The real cost of cheap US chicken? Chlorination is just the start

The Heir. This is worth a read..

On a (vegan) roll: why we can’t get enough of Greggs

Large Underwater Observatory Disappears Without a Trace, Baffling Scientists. Something is coming….

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