Friday Links: Everybody is making excuses but nothing is getting done

Happy Friday!

Cameron may have fought Brexit. But it was his policies that made it happen

There is a belief around at the moment, encouraged by many of the 21 Conservative MPs recently expelled from the party by Johnson, that it is only now that their party has become unprecedentedly nasty and irresponsible. But in 2013, I can clearly recall seeing huge hoardings at the Conservative conference in Manchester with such crude slogans as “Welfare capped”, “Immigration down”, and the dog-whistling formulation, “for hardworking people.”………….No one should now let him get away with styling himself as the failed pioneer of a softer, more sympathetic kind of politics. Whether or not he was privately uncomfortable with them, these words alone confirm not just that Cameron looked like an enthusiastic participant in the hostile environment doctrine that led to the Windrush scandal, but that Faragism had already infected the Tory soul.

David Cameron’s self-indulgent sorrow doesn’t excuse his cowardice. I’m struck by the interviewer, who said that in a 90 minute interview, Cameron didn’t use the word sorry. This is the thing. Where we are now, we’re their because of Cameron’s hubris and he won’t really be the one to suffer…

Inheritance tax would be scrapped by the Brexit party – good news for the very rich

The case for a 4-day workweek

My Parents Are Spoiling My Little Sister. Just read the last problem and answer. Gold…..

For Palestinians, Israel’s elections promise nothing but defeat

Bettel’s anger highlights a bleak truth: the EU27 just wants Britain to go

Baking Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card. My library doesn’t loan out baking pans.

50p at 50: how Britons’ living costs have changed since 1969. This is fascinating…

‘Okra is the most foul thing ever grown’: chefs on their most hated ingredients. This is great and I totally agree, I hate okra

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