Monday Miscellany: You need a spreadsheet

Happy Monday!

I was completely missing in action last week with a stomach bug! I had a day out and worked from home two days, most of the time I wasn’t working or throwing up was spent sleeping.I also got a series of texts from Ma’s friend Sally (they were both in France) about Ma’s extreme organisation. Don’t ask my mother, what you’re doing wrong because she will tell you and show you what she thinks you should do. Which all starts with not living in a mess and the budget spreadsheet. Sally expected sympathy from me but while I’m not at my mother’s level of organised, I know when she’s right (all the time, except about the constitution and the best football team in London). Sally will be tidied up and budgeting by Christmas….This week’s plans are all about a new role at work, I start on Tuesday and there is lots to do and lots to learn! I’m also trying to adjust in a more positive way to the onslaught of autumn, it’s dark at 6am, which sucks because that’s when I get up in the morning. So plans are all about making sure that bedtime is consistent and I want to make an effort to be disciplined about the things that I should do but really don’t want to do (like ironing and laundry!). Sarah is coming over on Tuesday for dinner but other than that, I’m have nothing social planned…

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