Friday Links: 100% failure rate

Happy Friday!

It’s been quite a week for news…

Britain’s Political Chaos Shows Everything Is Okay. Last week, my friend Kathy, who grew up in a country with an actual written constitution, was arguing about how dangerous Boris was because by changing precedent he was changing the Constitution. I was arguing that Parliament wouldn’t stand for it and that overall we come right. What I did point out (and the next day on the radio, Peter Hennessy made the same point) was that all politics was dependent on people acting honourably. In the US, we are seeing that even with a fixed constitution, it breaks down when the President and the Senate are run without essential morals. In the UK, we are seeing the same but unlike Trump, Johnson has hit the limits of his power much more quickly.

Britain is mired in democratic crisis – but it goes much deeper than Brexit

Johnson thinks a ‘culture war’ will win crucial working-class votes. He’s wrong. I don’t always agree with Lynsey Hanley but this feels about right.

Boris Johnson fails to bring Tories sunshine in excruciating PMQs. The contempt with which some of the leading lights of the current Govt. hold Parliament has become clear. And Parliament is really unhappy with it…

‘Co-living’: the end of urban loneliness – or cynical corporate dormitories?

Inter fans tell Romelu Lukaku monkey chants in Italy are not racist. What a load of complete and utter trash. Black players have been telling you it’s racist for years, UEFA have been saying the same (but probably much!). It’s racist

Left-handed DNA found – and it changes brain structure

Why People Hate Religion. This is what I know, I am a human being that did not create the universe that I believe that God created. So this is what I know, I follow a man who was also the Son of God and He I should leave judgement to God. So I will follow God as my conscience dictates and I’ll love my fellow humans as God says I should. And I’ll leave the judgement to God and to do anything else is blasphemy. And isn’t this the truth:

Faith is not that complicated. Religion always is.


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