What I Ate: Food, Cooking and Budgets Week One

Ok, week one of eight. Co-incidentally, last Thursday when I posted about having a food reset, for budget and planning and cooking, was also when I did the food shop. Ma and I went to Shefford for J’s birthday and some family time on Saturday afternoon and it was the allotment work day Saturday morning so I knew that time was limited so I just got the shopping out of the way on Thursday.

Here is that shop, total cost £12.78. Mostly Lidl. On Sunday, I went to Morrisons for 4 yoghurts and some lentils on Sunday which cost £3.15. For those of you that can do maths, yes I know that’s over my £15 a week limit by 93p, cut me some slack it’s my first week!

For work breakfasts, I was already in a good place, I’ve got two weeks worth of breakfast rolls in the freezer so I just needed carrots, celery, cucumbers and peppers to go with them. From the allotment we got cukes, tomatoes and beans and sweet corn.

Lots of food to be going on with I already had 6 crooknecks and a massive courgette to attend to. I decided to experiment with the crooknecks and cook them down into a sauce, which would work for pasta and pizza and that I could bung into the freezer. It did make a delicious, if ugly sauce. I realised halfway through cooking that I’d missed a squash, they apparently hide in the fridge as well as on the plant.

I made a batch of boiled chicken and some chicken and chickpea stew, they were dinner on Friday and Sunday night respectively. Lunches this week were leftovers of those.

Food during the day was really easy and all came from home, where I hit a wall was dinner because I’ve been so tired this week. Partly that’s because I still feel like I have that low level virus and partly because I’m feeling the onset of the shorter days and darker nights. Which meant that diner Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was mushrooms or tomatoes on toast (I regret nothing!)


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1 Response to What I Ate: Food, Cooking and Budgets Week One

  1. Sharon says:

    What’s wrong with mushrooms on toast for dinner. Sometimes I go mad and add scrambled eggs 😁

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