Allotment Adventures: Courgettes and rain and tidying the shed

So the shed is finally tidy. We have new shelves (thanks Kathy and Adam!) and new drawers (Wilko’s finest!) and thanks to lots of tidying, it’s looking tidier. Ma still thinks there is too much stuff but I think we have the stuff we need!

I still need to paint the shed again though!

We were on the plot for about 4 hours but it didn’t feel like we got much done. Harvesting. (this season’s summer squash count is 44 courgettes and 4 crooknecks).Then I pulled down the sweet peas from the lettuce bed and the spinach that didn’t grow. Ma sowed the chard in a bed at the top of the plot. We then spent some time with the tomatoes. First Joe’s, which we tied up and tidied.Then some of mine, which I’m getting to this week.It’s the time of year that I always leave the plot with green fingers.As I said last week, we’re at an inbetween time but the cucamelons are about to flowerAnd everything seems to be ok.

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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Courgettes and rain and tidying the shed

  1. Adam Leone says:

    Shed tidying is so gratifying 🙂 I’m saving mine for a rainy day!

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