Monday Miscellany: Very Social

Happy Monday! Last week was good, does it sound weird to say that I need this week to have less people in it?

I saw Jo and Tabs and Mrs Gauld on Tuesday and Sue on Wednesday and some of the godchildren on Thursday and then Ma on Friday and Saturday. I love all of these people and it was good and necessary to see them and spend time with them but I feel tired now. It’s not just my extreme introversion causing my tired start to the week, I’m two weeks away from my annual my birthday week off and I need the break.We’re due a mini heatwave this week, which as we know from previous heatwaves, we just don’t cope with, it’s not going to be as bad as it was in Europe or what’s happening in the US, but 34C is hot in the city. So I really need to make sure I leave the house at a reasonable time so I can get the slow but air conditioned district line instead of the fast but hotter than Hades central line. I also feel like that sentence needs more punctuation but I really am too tired to think about it!

Other stuff, we find out who’s going to lead the Lib Dems and the Tory Parties this week, and also the new Prime Minister and I need to say right now to anyone not British. I’m sorry, it wasn’t me but it is what it is….

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